Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The real reason why Oreo dropped out of the race-

And no, it wasn't to spend more time with his family! (He's looking pretty smug- even for a cat!)

So the nice thing about Super Tuesday is that it's OVER! Well, maybe. The Fat Lady hasn't sung yet, and they haven't finished counting everywhere. The Republicans seem to have made a 3-way split between Sarge, Oily, and Beagle-eyes. Sorry for them, eh? On the Blue side, Obama and Clinton also pretty much split the field. Things are looking pretty exciting! Wonder how long it'll drag out? Would be interesting if Oregon actually matters in the primaries this year.

Lessee... Cato and Melbrigda and their kids were here to visit (they were in Oregon to see his mom) and now they're really antsy to come home! The kids really liked Oregon and Dan and Lorna have not been especially happy in Florida. Would be cool if they came back- they're neat people. And I'd bet I could talk the girls into hanging out in Aunty Lainie's House of Pain now and then...

Korwyn had another birthday, and he reports that he did not see his shadow. Does that mean nice weather for Estrella War?

I attacked the GIANT pile of 'stuf' in my room today- sorted things, started getting things put away, etc. Once I get the laundry done it should almost be like a real room. With a walrus in it. (I has a bukkit but iz hided under my deks!)


Mooncat said...

The weather's always nuts at Estrella. The question is, what *kind* of nuts?

Liutgard said...

Being as how Amalric is planning to go... Mixed Nuts! With bananas! :-)

I'm Michelle! said...

I've given you a "You Make My Day Award" Go to my blog and download the image and pass it on!