Friday, February 22, 2008

Are you ready to PARTY?!!!!

Ah, Friday!

Amalric would probably give me noogies if he knew I had that picture, much less put it up here, but hey, doesn't he look ready for a good time? (And can't you hear the band strike up 'The Stripper' in the background?)

The little camera appears to have dead batteries, so I won't be posting construction pictures. But I have the orange half of the new Frankish coat done and the blue half nearly so. I'm hoping to have them ready to put together sometime today. The color combo is absolutely stunning, and I think that I'm really going to like it.

There seems to be some foo going on about the royal wardrobe team, and Katrine is catching most of it, which is sad because she really doesn't deserve it. I have pretty well given up on it, though I plan to make a gown for her majesty, just so I can say that I did. Nyah!

I talked to Stephen briefly yesterday. He hasn't found an apt yet, but he has some vacation time coming up and is hoping to use some of it to visit ol' Mom. (Yeah, right. He's mostly visiting Mom Food. :-) According to James, he really liked the dishes I got him, which is cool.

Current reading: Dad's transliteration of Martin Klaassen's diaries, and a book of prayers and hymns by Thomas Aquinas. An odd combination, eh?

One week left in February. Good riddance...


Mooncat said...

Oh. My. Gawd. That picture of Almalric is waaaay too damned funny....
Somewhere, I think I've got a photo of our soon-to-be-king in drag, participating in a once-annual Ugly Pajama breakfast party....
Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new stuff when you get the opportunity!
I'm currently reading "Children of Hurin," and a book called "This I Believe." Working on fibery stuff and ignoring housework, too....:o)
Oh, and a *hearty* amen, sister! to wishing good riddance to February.

Liutgard said...

Yeah, I'm hoping to get pictures once it's done- right now it's hanging up for a couple of days and then I'll cut the hem and bind it all. I have some nutmeg brown felt to bind the edges.