Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Guess where Zippy is?

Ok, so this is not a picture of where she is. It's just a picture from Google. But she is back in the shop...

She has a disturbing noise in the front end- one that really can't wait. Our regular guy is closed at the moment- he's moving his shop, but at the last minute there was a problem with the new site, and he is without digs until it is resolved. And he sounded pretty peeved about it.

So we started the search for a new shop. Adam suggested one on Glisan, so we went there, but they don't work on diesels. Bugger. But they suggested a guy down the block who does, so we went down there.

So he's going to look at the front end, check the brakes, and investigate the rear end to see if it can be bumped up a bit. She is sagging, and when I put gear in her for Egils she'll be really dragging her sad little ass. So she needs help.

I really hate being without her though. Marooned. Kinda sad how attached I am to a car.

Been working on the pavilion. The roof is almost done, and the curtains for the bedding area will be done shortly. I'm hoping to have the roof done shortly, and then a couple days of dry weather to add another layer of waterproofing to it.

It will look a bit like this, only, well, fancier:

It will have a bit of an overhang on the front, and fringe all around the edges of the roof. I plan to paint borders on it, and the poles will all be painted and decorated. I also plan to make a Frankish windsock:

I'm actually getting kind of excited about this!

Tadhg and Morrghan and their boys will be camping with us, and Ayla also. And David and Lydia plan to day-trip with Teh Girlieez, and I'm really looking forward to having the girls there! Phil and Annie also plan to be there, but if their household shows up I'm sure they'll be camping with them.

In other news, I have a headache that WILL NOT go away. Not sure what to do about it- I really can't afford another session of massage right now. But we will see. It may become a real necessity. Heaven knows I don't want more meds...

***BREAKING NEWS*** The mechanic says that he should have Zippy done Thursday, Friday at teh latest! The total is $$$$, but needful. The front end was pretty much shot.