Saturday, March 10, 2007

Funny, but when you're near me...

Yes, today the internal jukebox is playing 'I'm in a mood for love'. Eh, too bad James isn't here, eh?

So I had just finished blowing my nose this morning when I hear Wanda yell "Breakfast?" (She knew I was awake from the honking.) We went out to the Cameo, which is where we usually go on Saturday mornings. And it always smells so yummy. Problem today was, I sat down, and realized that most of the breakfast menu was off limits. I wasn't keen on eating hash browns alone for breakfast. So I ordered a veggie stir-fry off of the lunch menu. It was delicious, but was also somehow... wrong. My tummy wanted a waffle! And I fed it broccoli and cabbage and rice and...

We went up to Petco- Wanda wanted to get beds for the cats- she's thinking about evicting everyone but Zoe from her room at night- the other two move around too much. There was a gynormous cat tree that I think Shadow would love to play vulture from, but I don't think we could get it into Zippy.

And we went to Goodwill. I found a nice pair of ivory shoes, some fabric, and a serving bowl. I saw a dress that I liked, but they wanted $25 for it, and that's a bit much for me. I'll have to keep looking- I want something nice and 'springy' for Easter. Not sure what I want. Just tired of the same old black skirt.

You will notice the spiffy slug on the front page here- slyly added without my knowledge by someone who knows my password. That's ok- I know where he sleeps!

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Jana said...

Y'know, you can buy kewl cat-trees online...and they get delivered to your door. You just need to put'em together.

My pootie Selene loves her cat-tree.

check out:

Good luck in finding a great one.