Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yahoo gone wild!

I'm getting *dozens* of duplicate copies of posts from Yahoo lists. I understand everyone has the same problem, so it's not my computer, but geez, my mailbox fills up fast!

James got in fairly late last night, and we still managed to spend a couple of hours taking (my very favorite person to talk to, natch). Today he was working on a pair of heavy canvas chausses, that he's planning to put splint armor into, and wear for leg armor. Cool idea, so far the chausses look pretty good. I've been moving fabric back and forth and muttering a lot, and this eevening after we got back from dinner, I got the rust colored wool cut out and about halfway done. A-line, with the godets in the center front and back. There was *just enough* left for sleeves. I should be able to finish it tomorrow, and then have it to wear Saturday. Heh. I really need a digital camera so I can take pictures of stuff like this.

No word from Annie- I'm assuming that she's busy moving. I may call her tomorrow, maybe Friday. Miss that little bugger!

Well, time to check the funnies and then get the Tall One up from the basement. (He's probably playing computer games- he has a new one...)

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