Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ay, ay, yi yiiii... In China they never eat chili...

Oh, has it been a long day...

I ran a bunch of errands this morning, and finished up at Safeway. Got home, brought the groceries into the house, put them away, then discovered that my purse had not come in with me. Checked the car, and it wasn't there, went over every step in the house, it wasn't there. I even walked up one side of our block and down the other, looking too see if someone had grabbed it while I was unloading groceries. I was absolutely sick. Was about to call the bank and put a stop on my card when I got a call- from the customer service desk at Safeway. Someone had found my purse in the parking lot and turned it in. Wow- was that a huge relief! But by the time I got back I was completely wiped out. So I took a bit of a nap.

I really need a large print sign to flash in the back window of the car- something that says "They dropped the speed limit, nitwit". Because they did- it's down to *20* one most of Fremont from about 40th to 53rd. So I had this long line of people behind me through most of today, every time I went down it (which was 4 times, with the trips back and forth to Safeway). I hate tailgaters. Especially ones that flip me off. And the people who cross the double yellow to get around me are annoying too. So why is it there's never a cop handy when they do that? Only when *I'm* going too fast? Sheesh.

I found this humongous solid brass key at Goodwill today. It clearly said "Nadezhda" when I went by, so I grabbed it. Ned will love it, I'm sure. I also got a new feast basket (the old one is falling apart), some fabric (which may become part of an Easter outfit), a new mouse pad (guess what color?) and a brass coronetty thing that yelled at me as I went by. Not sure what to do with it (it's a bit small) but it is way cool and was only $.99. Couldn't pass it up.

And I bought food, which is a Good Thing. I like food.

Managed to do it all with a fairly bad headache. I only got out through force of necessity (and I was out of Raisin Bran!) , but I did it. Hope it helps me sleep better tonight.

Tomorrow's the Ides of March! A good day to stay out of the Senate, if you ask me! ;-)

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