Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Drop a comment, silly persons!

So I've had a couple of people say that they haven't commented because you have to sign in with Google. Silly persons! It's painless, really! You don't have to get a new email account or start a blog or sell apples on streetcorners. It's no more complicated than the sign up I had to do so I can read the New York Times online. (Less so probably, because I can never remember the name I signed up under for the NYT and I always have to go look it up.)

So sign up, drop a comment- don't be shy!


Jana said...

Comment comment comment, comment! Oh, comment commenting commented! LOL

How's that? Just a bit of snark from the were-wolverine.

Nice blog...but the slug in the pic looks like it has a cigarette burn hole in it's side. What is that? It looks like a wound.

Just sayin'...


Jas said...

That hole is the pneumostome. Basically, the slug's nostrils.

Lainie said...

Eeyuw. I'd forgotten about that. Imagine the mess if it got the sluggy sniffles!