Friday, March 30, 2007

I am a barge.


I have the major parts of the new gown together. Popped it over my head and looked in teh mirror- the lines and folds go exactly as I'd planned, and the fabric has a nice drape to it. The problem is that I look like a barge in it. A very w-i-d-e barge at that. It is *so* depressing!

Much more depressing- a kid drowned in the Molalla river yesterday. I saw the last name, and realized that he was Chris' son- Chris, our Volvo mechanic. I was pretty horrified about it, and I'm going to head out later today and get a sympathy card for Wanda and I to send. Wish I could do more but I can't.

Annie has pictures of her new place up on her blog, and it looks like a very nice place, even without furniture. There's even a shot of Iso curled up on her bed. I can't explain why, but the little picture of Iso made me miss Annie intensely. Boo.

So I guess I am sort of on a bummer overall. But James is here for another couple of days, and that is a very good thing. We're going down to an event in Mountain Edge tomorrow, and that should be fun. I'm hoping that Amalric and Caia and the boys are there. I'm sure that Phoenix needs some tickles. :-)

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