Sunday, March 18, 2007

I got a sunburn, and it feels GOOD!

James and I went to Summits Coronet yesterday. It was a beautiful day- a little chilly in the moring, but lovely the rest of the day. We went down early (got up at 6:15. Bleah!) so I could make the peerage meeting. The meeting started late but finished up pretty much on time. I think the tourney started pretty much on time too. Nice clean tourney, some good fighting. William Geoffery won, beating Ragnarr in three. There was some dismay- quite a few people still have problems with Geoffy, and his lady is still wearing prom dresses. But I'm inclined to give them a chance.

Sven was down, and he played in the style tourney after Coronet lists. Looked like he had a lot of fun, especially with the ladies in the galley (who, admittedly, had broken out the Guinness ;-) who were cheering and hooting at him. They made him show off his Hawaiian print pants several times.

James and I had some nice nibblies- he brought hummous and some falafael and fruit and such. I brough olives and red pepper and tomatoes and cucumber and pita and apples, and water. Was a nice lunchy-snacky bunch of stuff.

Bera and Alail showed up, which is always fun. Amalric and Caia didn't make it, and I missed them. Rorik and Georgette were there, so I passed along whiny noises through them. Mirm was there, and The Girlz, and Svava and Hrafnr and Katrine came out too. We got to taste some of Hrafnr's Viking food. Most of it had dairy in it, so we couldn't eat it, but the pea 'hummous' was worth the trip! Yumm!

And I was a dumb cluck and got sunburned. :-P After the wet, grey winter, it feels kinda good! But the funny thing is, I was getting the sun on one side- so I'm piebald. :-) Oh well. It's not a bad burn, just a bit, so it'll fade in a day or two.

And now I have to buckle down and get ready for the Ithra class. *sigh*

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