Friday, March 9, 2007

Is anyone here yet?

I haven't been able to post a 'we've moved!' sign over at Blog-City (I shake my fist at them! Bah!) but I did send out the blanket email to everyone that I'd moved. I hope that folks are moseying over to check out the new digs...

I finally made it out for a bit today- bank, and that funky little fabric store across from Safeway (Got the fabric I need for bands on James' bliaut), and New Seasons on the way home. New seasons had some tiny roses that were like 3 or 4 blooms on a stem. I got a handful of them- a brilliant coral/orange that looks like they should be pinned in the hair of a woman wearing a sarong and drinking something with an umbrella in it. :-)

I also got a pint of rice-milk 'ice cream'. I've had it before, but it didn't taste as good as I remembered. I got an orange and vanilla swirl, but the orange part has an odd aftertaste to it. Sometimes 'natural flavoring' isn't as tasty as the chemical stuff, I guess. As it is, I was just hoping to stave off the cravings for real ice cream. I think after Lent is over I'll have to find out where the most decadent hot fudge sundae in town is, and splurge. (I can feel my arteries hardening already...)

Poor Fox News. The Edwards campaign came out and said that if Fox News is running the Nevada debate, he won't be there. And Obama is refusing to interview with them. Can't imagine why- just because they're the most vile, venomous, scurrilous and partisan network operating now...

So yesterday, I had this whole huge post- a good one- all written up and then I tried to post (on the Blog-City acct) and it failed. I lost the whole thing. And the rotten thing is, I can't remember any of it now! Alas, my wonderous thoughts, lost to the ages because of a computer glitch!

*sigh* I've got to go to a Baronial award orders meeting tomorrow- who knows, maybe something interesting will happen there.

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