Friday, March 23, 2007


I got back from Kinko's a little while ago, and now have 35 collated and stapled 6-page handouts. And I'm really wiped. Probably go to bed soon.

In the meantime, Alberto Gonzales has been caught out in a lie (big surprise). Earlier this week he insisted that he hadn't had anything to do with the attorney firings- but emails in today's document dump clearly show that he was. So, is he going to take one for the team, or hang on until the bloody end? And what will happen now with the Congressional subpoenas? Is Bush going to take it to the mat, or will he back down? Executive privilege, my eye...

Tomorrow is Ned's birthday party, and I don't think I can make it. Driving an hour and a half after teaching for four hours and a an hour and a half drive... maybe not. Wouldn't be prudent. I won't make it to Jill and Ralph's first court, either. I think food and a nap would be a good idea at that point.

Crossing my fingers that Annie gets good leads on housing- she's frustrated and anxious, and I'm anxious for her. She and Iso need their own little place in the world.

Can't stop yawning! Argh! A handful of cereal (cause I'm hungry) and I think I'm off to slumber land. Sandman is beating me over the head here...

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