Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Howdy howdy howdy!

Was just thinking of one of my favorite Far Side cartoons- a group of vultures around an expired cowboy, and one of them wearing the cowboy's hat and saying "Howdy howdy howdy! Lookit me! I'm a cowboy!" One of those absurd moments as only Gary Larson can deliver.

At the moment, I'm feeing more like the cowboy than the vulture. Still with the headache. I spend half my time sleeping, it seems, but it's the only way to deal with it at the moment- the ibuprofen is barely taking the edge off. Bleh.

Been watching the development of the DOJ firings scandal. Gets deeper and uglier every day. Messing with the justice system is BAD. If Gonzales had any scruples, he'd step down- but he hasn't got any scruples, and that's why he has the job. He already threw his assistant (Kyle Sampson) under the bus, so I wonder what comes next. And will anything more come of the Libby affaire? There's still quite a cry for Rove's head on a platter... 'with croutons'...

So this weekend is Summits Coronet. James is still undecided as to whether he'll be fighting or not. Apparently there's some confusion about the weapons forms. Should be an interesting day either way. I wonder if there's been a decision reached in the Terra Pomeria Coronet? Hmm. Could be more than one thing rides on Saturday's winners.

I'm still working on the book about chronicles- it's going slow because I keep falling asleep- not that it is the fault of the book, as it's plenty interesting. Just because I feel so crummy. Came across an interesting bit about the dating of the chronicles- apparently the concept of when the year began was not very... solid, necessarily. Some chronicles began the year at Christmas, some Jan 1, some in February, some in March, and a couple of late holdouts in April. So when other writers or later historians review these chronicles, sorting out dates can be a challenge. Dating by the year of the king's reign is in there too. And then there's the nones, ides, and kalends, and dating by saint's days. Just figuring out the date could be a day's work in itself!

Tomorrow- a run to the grocery, and maybe Goodwill.

But first, to wrestle my hat back from that vulture!

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