Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm nibbling on bunnies and chickies!

Alas, they're only sugar. :-(

I found a sack of Easter candy that is basically those marshmallow peanuts, only bunnies and chicks instead of peanuts. Good enough for a candy jones.

Well, the big excitement is that Annie found a place to live! She found a place and a roommate near Prospect Park inBrooklyn. Her roommate is a pianist and there's a grand piano in the living room! And he has a kitty for Iso to play with (ought to be fun, those first few days...). So life is getting better on the Annie front.

Me... me no feel so great. Maybe it's the diet, but the lithium tremor has been a lot worse the last few days, and that's disconcerting. And I'm still sleeping a lot. James should be up either later today (it's Tuesday now) or Wednesday. I vote for Tuesday, of course. :-) I just hope that I have the energy to make his trip worthwhile.

Well, I'm off for one last cruise on dKos, and then to bed. Dreaming of indictments and possibilities of more...

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