Saturday, June 28, 2008

I HATE hot weather

Upper 90s and maybe over 100. Not my idea of a good time. Really- I'd rather be cold than hot- after all, you can always put more clothes _on_, but when you have all of your clothes _off_, there's nothing left to strip! Bah to hot weather! I was hoping to get more stuff unloaded from the car, and maybe some sewing done, but if it gets as warm as the NWS says, I may just lay on the floor panting like the cats. Poor kitties can't take their clothes off!

Not much happening this week- I went to water aerobics, came home and slept (not feeling so hot), did some sewing, did some laundry, unloaded part of the gear from Zippy. Not all of it- we have guests in the basement, and there isn't room at the moment to put things away. So I sort of have an excuse to leave it out there...

Working on a dress for myself (another Frankish- hopefully I will start dropping some weight soon and can make new cotehardies), brown 'linen-look' (probably a cotton-rayon blend), but I had a length of sari fabric that I found at Goodwill ($3!) and I bordered the hem with the heavy gold parts. There's bits left over to play with too. So far it's looking pretty nice. I just hope it doesn't look like 'I took apart a sari and made this dress'... y'all know what I mean :-/)

Arlys says I am an agitator. Lets hop she doesn't mean a washing machine. :-D


Anne-Marie said...

Maybe it's because you

are trying to split teh kingdom in to peices oh noes!!11!

Lainie said...

Bwahahaha!!! (oops- was that my out-loud voice?)

It's not that I want to destroy An Tir- it's just that as it is, it can't thrive. (Maybe not even survive.) Making smaller more manageable kingdoms makes sense to me, and I want to be a part to creating the new form. Is that so awful?

Anonymous said...

mmesOEG - hallo guys :D