Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ok, so I'm not so good at math...

But suddenly I'm finding that I * almost * wish I'd taken sadisti-, er, uh, _statistics_ in college. (Would have been a GPA killer though, and I know it...)

So as of tonight, I have 98 responses to the survey I've been flogging, and it's beginning to gel a bit. A handful negative responses- up to 4 now, I think, and that includes the person who thinks I'm traitorous to talk about splitting An Tir. (Bite Me, sez I!)

I think what I'm going to end up doing is charting the quantifiable ('How many hours will you drive to a Crown event?', etc) so it falls into some sort of bell curve, and then some way to collate and compare the 'squishyer' questions. Like I told Bera, I left them rather vague on purpose- because I'm as interested in what people think that questions are as what they answer them with.

In the world beyond my campaign for world domination (BWAHAHAHAHA!!!), I have the gown done for Sofia's daughter, and have started the tunic for her son. Larry was over this evening, and Gemma and Mike came over. Gemma and I went through her stash and measured stuff, marked some of it for specific projects, then cut out some stuff for her and made a veil. Mike chatted with Larry while Larry looked at picture books. And I periodically popped in to check on the news online. I really don't understand what sort of game Hillary Clinton is playing at this point- makes no sense to me. Obama has secured the nomination- he has the delegates- that's how it works. Is she trying to dismantle the party? Very confusing.

I'm off to bed now- the guys will be over in the morning to redo the bathtub and I should really be awake to let them in. Bleh. Why does the day always have to start out with morning? Why can't we start with a nice leisurely afternoon?...

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