Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I gots my 'fwimmin' suit...

When I was a wee little girl, I liked to get my fwimmin suit on and go fwimmin. Dunno what the deal was about s'es, but that's what I'm told...

I still like to go fwimmin, but haven't in years. But Dr Becher leaned on me really hard last month, so I've joined a water aerobics class. Turns out that the local Salvation Army community center has a pool and some low-key classes, and at a really reasonable price, too. So I dug out my orange fwimmin suit and went.

The class was mostly little old ladies in silly caps, and I imagined that I would fit right in. WRONG! I really had to work just to keep up- it was rather embarrassing, really. Mostly isometric and resistance stuff, but enough that I was getting winded. So this may be just the thing.

In other news, my plot to take over the kingdom proceeds apace. Seems to be gaining traction, so we may be on the way. I'm hosting a dessert social/chat at Investiture, and I'll see where folks are then. Kind of exciting!

And now I will go to bed, for I am tired and sore.

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