Sunday, June 15, 2008

Never shop for jeans when you're depressed.

Well, that's how I feel at least...

Needed another couple pair of jeans because the ones I have have been mended to the point where I'm mending the mending. That is to say, they are worn out. But I hate clothes shopping right now and I am so unhappily conscious of my size, finding jeans is even harder than usual. But we went to Goodwill and I found 2 pairs that will do. I'll set the other one aside for wearing when I'm doing something messy.

I also found a surprise for a couple of small boys I know- it's a little stage curtain thing for hand puppets. I know my kids would have loved it, and I think the Blackhart boyz will too. And I have candy for them. Heh. Just like a grandma- give 'em candy and send them home! :-D

Well, the backlash has begun on teh survey thing. I was expecting it- just wasn't expecting a couple of sources of it. It appears that nothing I say will budge the opinions (even if I point out I "But you read the question wrong- that's not what I said") so I don't think I'll try. Can't please everyone. I've gotten enough positive response from folks I respect, I'm ok with not having everyone in my corner.

At any rate, not much is happening this week, though I think that I'll put together copies of everything for the royals, so they can get it from the horse's mouth (Neigh!), and after I have a chance to basically write a white paper, I'll send one on to the board chairman and our ombudsman. Phew- this is beginning to look like work...

Went to 3M Champions yesterday, and it was a nice little event. Wish I'd been feeling better but it wasn't too bad. They gave me another Golden Torc- I'll have to dig up my baldric and put it on.

This week I'm finishing up Sofia's kids' clothes, and packing for Investiture. Not much left on the clothes but her chemise. I need to look at the brocaded stuff I would a couple weeks ago and see if there's enough for a Frankish coat.

In the meantime, me and my wide butt are going to take a nap.

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kiwifr00t said...

Hi 'Lainie!

Tragically, I don't think I'm going to be up North before I leave. I've only got a week and I'm flying out of Eugene! : (

But I'll be back in Oregon for Christmas at least, so maybe I'll be up in Portland around then! I'm still so peeved that I was sick for Egils. It was, as it turns out, my one chance to go eventing this season and my stupid immune system failed me! Gargh!

One day, though, I'll make it up to Stumptown for a visit! It was super to see you at Egils, however briefly!