Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oy Oy Oy!

It's been that sort of week...

James came up Thursday night- got here while we still had a houseful of Project Night. Aleyn and Helena were here, and a new couple from Aten- Liot and Winter. Sweet people, and I think they will fit in well once they're done being shell-shocked. :-)

Friday we went to Larry's dad's funeral, and then over to the wake at his mom's. (After we got lost getting there...) Got to see lots of old family photos- plenty of blackmail material on Larry. :-) In the evening we grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the cathedral to hear the new Presiding Bishop speak. She's GOOD.

And then we got a pint of ice cream (Haagen Daaz 'Baileys Irish Cream') and curled up together to eat it. Yum. All it needed was caramel. (But my hips _don't_ need it...)

We went to breakfast Saturday morning with Wanda and Linda (Karl was at the Tool Show with Ralphie) and I had a strawberry waffle. James indulged in buckwheat pancakes (they look grey- not very appetizing, but he likes them). We took a long walk when we got back to the house, then he left for Ashland. (Boo.) And I went down for a nap. And napped. Read a little, and napped some more.

Such an exciting life, I know. Be moderately interesting after Tuesday- Wanda leaves for Germany, and it will be just little ol' me with the kitties. Heh. I see kitty torture in my future. ;-) (And that means you, Shadow!) I think it is my lot in life to hassle furry things and rub tummies. :-) At least that's what the cats tell me...


Anne-Marie said...

Say, speaking of recipes.. whar's my cookbook? :-(
I even have a kitchen to cook in now..

Lainie said...

Yes, I know. I'm a slug. :-P It's still in pieces on my hard drive. Maybe I'll get some more done on it while Wanda is gone.

Glad to hear you can make spaghetti though. :-)