Friday, April 27, 2007

My work, she is too good...


So I'm having to do some work on Jill's blue cotehardie- despite checking the fit with a sloper, the sleeves did not work. Too short and a little too small in the forearm. And she wanted bigger gores in the skirt. No prob, sez I. But I spoke too soon. Yes prob. Have you ever tried taking apart something that was built to last? It took hours just to get the sleeves off- because I'd sewn them on by hand and then over on the machine, and then blind-stitched the lining in the armseye. @#$%^&*! Putting in extra gores is just tedious, but redoing the sleeves is not.

The cats are around here somewhere, just don't know where at the moment. Shadow was upstairs for awhile- he seems to think that the ironing table is a good place to hang out, and I'm trying to disabuse him of this notion. Kitties and irons don't mix. Seems he's been there a bit though, given the amount of cat hair on the pair of pants I left there for hemming (And the house-elves have not hemmed them for me. What gives?) I saw Susitna in the living room earlier this evening. Haven't seen Zoe. _Heard_ her though...

Watched _Prisoner of Azkaban_ again while sewing. I think that the score to it is the finest John Williams work I've ever heard, and that's saying a lot. Damn fine music, and so apropos to the action. The movie is good too. I think that there are parts of _Goblet of Fire_ that are completely breathtaking (the scene in the graveyard, for one), but on an overall, POA is best so far. We'll have to see how _Order of the Phoenix_ comes out- the trailers are really WOWOW!

Thinking about going to the demo Saturday. No clue what to wear. My usual choice for something like that is something absolutely kick-ass, but none of that part of the wardrobe fits right now. I may end up doing a trying-on party tomorrow.

I missed putting out the trash Weds night. Bother. But the cats have food and water, and the house is still standing, so I guess that's something...

I miss my sweetie. A chronic ache that hangs on me all day. Bother again. Hopefully this time next year I can bother him in person every day. Heh. Bother bother bother... ;-)

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