Friday, April 6, 2007

"Or the horse may talk!..."

Well, I have a new outfit. I still look like a barge, but at least I will be a well-dressed barge. I ended up ditching the jacket pattern entirely- it didn't fit in all sorts of bad ways, mostly because my body isn't a normal shape right now. So I just drafted something of my own- made a tunic top and a matching long skirt, and a sash. I'll wear my burnout velvet scarf along with. And that will have to do.

Be interesting to see what ends up in the Friday news dump tomorrow. With the various hearings coming up, and the recess appointment Bush made the other day, and the ongoing Gonzales/Rove/Cheney/etc crap, there might be something interesting. Pity I'll be driving when it happens. :-P

And I'm off to bed. Have an appt with Anna in the morning, and I still have to pack. And sleep would be a very good thing...

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