Tuesday, April 24, 2007

She's leaving, on a jet plane...

So I took Wanda to the airport this morning. She's off for two weeks in Germany. SHe said they may even make a side trip into Poland too. In the meantime, I'm here with the kitties. Plenty to do- I have a pile of sewing waiting for me, lots of writing, and I really need to dig in and thoroughly clean my room. I also need to get Wanda's truck down to DEQ/DMV and get her tags. (Also need to do that for Zippy, though she doesn't expire until June.) And Shadow needs shots updated, etc.

Got two new books today- one on English castles, and another on the impact of the Norman Conquest. Just flipping through they look pretty good.

Headache has been really bad the past few days. I'm hoping to feel better soon, so I can get all of this stuff done. Sad thing is I won't see James for another couple of weeks. Boo. :-(

I might run out to an event Saturday- 'the event formerly know as Kreigstriber' is on at Pacific University in Forest Grove. If the weather is ok. I'm really not interested in getting rained on.

Speaking of rain, Wanda discovered the other day that the moisture has gotten to the roof on my pavilion and the fabric has shattered. So I get to replace the roof. Great. Oh well- we were thinking of making it a little taller anyway. So some time this week I need to get down to RCT and see about roof fabric.

But now, I'm going to go take a long, hot bubble bath!

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