Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If it's Tourist Season, why can't you shoot them?

I had to ask that of James when I got in to Ashland the other day. The Tourists were everywhere, and none of them can read street signs or pavement markings. The couple that got me though, stepped off the curb, and then stood and argued over which direction to go- while standing there in front of Zippy. I understand this is typical behavior...

I drove down Friday evening, slept most of Saturday, recovering from the drive. We went to the Vigil service Saturday evening, and afterward picked up ice cream, which we ate watching SNL. Went to church Sunday (the ivory and moss green outfit worked really well), and had nibbles at the coffee hour after. I napped for a couple of hours after we got back, and left about 3. I stopped in Springfield and took Lydia and David out to eat, and drove the rest of the way home. It started raining in Springfield and poured the rest of the way. Even with the wipers on fast, I was having trouble seeing. I hate weather like that to drive in.

I haven't recovered though- still tiredtiredtired, and sleeping a lot.

The good news is though- I weighed myself at my appt with Anna, and I lost 12 pounds in a month! So while I'm going to relax the diet a bit, I'm going to keep most of the Lenten diet, because it obviously works! I'd be pleased as punch if I could get into a 12 again...

I finished reading the book on the plague- _The Great Mortality_, by John Kelly. VERY good. I recommend it. He even gets into the microbiology, the sex lives of rats, paths of infection, all sorts of cool stuff.

And now, as I'm yawning again, I'm going to take a nap.

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