Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Once again, I managed to do it-

It appears that I have broke myself.

Don't know what happened as of yet. I get to go in Thursday for xrays, and maybe a follow-up MRI. It looks like I did something to the sacro-iliac joints in the back- they're making a lot of crunchy noises that they shouldn't be making (as in they aren't normally mobile) and seem to have yanked the cartilage in front pretty hard. Hurts to lie down, to sit, to stand, to walk- and climbing stairs REALLY HURTS. Even just putting my jeans on hurts. So I go to get looked at. In the meantime, SOP. Dr offered me harder pain meds, but they just make me sick- I'd rather have the pain than the headache and nausea.

Nothing else really of note. I packed a box of stuff for Annie, and I'll mail that Thursday. James might be coming up this weekend (I really hope so- I haven't seen him for awhile). I think I will drag him down to Burgerville for their fresh berry milkshakes. Mmmm... of course I can gain weight just thinking about them...

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