Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot enough for you?

Ok- I just had half a page done on this post, and it disappeared. So I'm starting over. Arg.

Hot. Hot. HOT. About 100 outside right now. Houston was in the upper 90s when I got there Sunday afternoon. It is very FLAT. There's some trees in the residential section but not much otherwise. Most of the houses in Houston appear to be made of brick (they don't get the regular small tremblors like we get in Oregon). Everyone has A/C, which is good since it's hot...

Oklahoma has some very low, rolling hills, some pecan trees, scrub oak, and white pine. Except the trees, everything is shades of brown. And it's hot here too. I went out to go to the pool at 9 am and it was well over 80 even then.

The family has rented several cabins/houses and there's kids everywhere. And this is really alarming- I'm not one of the 'young ones' anymore. Oh oh oh oh, that smarts!

The aunties are fun. I'd forgotten how much I'd liked them.

I've been eating too much- tasty, mostly picnic food so far. And I'm almost out of tea already.

Dad has been bragging about how cool James is. Heh. Got him fooled, don't we? :-D

Had very bad news Sunday evening. Ciarain Clain Ferta had a fatal heart attack early Sunday morning. Everyone is in shock. Pretty horrible. I'm hoping that I'm home in time for a service if they have one.

Interesting thing- flying to Houston, I noticed that a lot of the fields are planted/watered in big circles. So much of the fly-over country looks like a Twister board!

I'm off to try to reduce the pile (324 messages) in my mailbox. :-P And then is time for a nap.

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Rose Suemoto said...

Glad you got a chance to attend the reunion. I was also very fond of Dad's sisters (husbands too). They both had a great sense of humor and were really down to earth.