Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sooooo tired!

I'm home, but barely moving. Wanda and I went to breakfast at the Cameo, but I am surprised that I managed to stay awake! Drank plenty of tea, but after we got home I went back to bed, and slept for about 2 1/2 hours. And still sleepy...

The reunion was great. Far too many Klaassens in the same place (noisy!), and far too many pastors in one place- it was a miracle that anyone could get a word in edgewise! Lots of singing, lots of pictures, and too much food. I'm going to regret the last one there.

Houston is BIG. Lots of sprawl. Lots of really BIG vehicles, and the drivers are insane! Sooo glad I wasn't driving anywhere- I was terrified just being a passenger! Barbara and I went to a import place Friday before I left, and it was BIG too! I almost bought a hairpiece, but the one I wanted was out in my color. :-( I did get myself some earrings and a Dem donkey pin, and Wanda a necklace. Barbara bought me a lovely bracelet with deep green stones.

We had lunch with James' sister Barb in Tulsa before we left. It was so good to see her! And then we had a hard time finding the way into the airport again. Just barely all got onto our flight. Getting Ahmed the Terrorist (Dad) through security was, er, amusing. :-) Poor Barbara had to sit next to someone who was really rude to her. But we got back to Houston and retrieved Dad's van (and then braved the Houston traffic) without a whole lot of hassle. And my flight out on Friday was ok- I was the very last one on, and they closed the door behind me. Wand got in from Chicago just before I got in, and we got some food before we came home. Very, very nice to be in my own bed at home!

News just came in a little bit ago- my friend Gunthar won Ansteorra Crown Tourney! W00t! I'm going to make them something really pretty for their reign. :-)

But first, some more sleep...

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