Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Oh my goodness- she's 24! How can that be possible? Seems like just yesterday she was sitting in a box, eating popsicles with her brother...

(Ok, the picture is of Zazu Pitts, but honest- looks just like Annie!)

I have a 24-year-old daughter.

I am ooooollldddd. :-P

Saturday Claire came over and we watched videos and sewed and I got the sari-embellished dress nearly done. Sunday we went to Goodwill after brunch and I found two lengths of very nice blue wool- one sort of a cadet blue, and the other Summits blue. (I'm thinking of maybe making a Christine de Pisan dress.) And then I slept through the afternoon.

Got a little more of the car unloaded- I have the serving dishes and some misc stuff left. Might get them emptied later today.

Got a call from Akiko yesterday- they finally hired a replacement for Anna Anderson, and I'm seeing him next week. Glad to have someone to monitor meds.

The fambily reunion is looming closer- and I am trying to arrange to see James' sister Barb while I'm in Tulsa. It sounds like Dad has us scheduled pretty tight, but we have time on the last day so I might get to see her then.

I am old. Next thing you know, these kids of mine will be getting married. Wait, that's already in De Planz! Aaaahhhh!!!


Anne-Marie said...

Wait, I've got no plans to get marri- Oh, right.

Lainie said...


Yup, saving up silk for your seester. Gotta get her to decide what she wants though...

Anne-Marie said...

Heehee, you totally called me at 11:06 but I was on the phone with Stephen.
I had an awesome birthday..

Lainie said...

Yay! Awesome birthdays R Us!

(I still want a birthday party. :-( I have not had a birthday party since I was 16. :-( :-P)

Mooncat said...

Annie! Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!
My brother's birthday is the 4th, and he's a grandfather. My baby brother. Now, *that's* old!
And Lainie, I met a young lady yesterday (friend of one of our newer baronial members, and looking to join, herself), and my *peerage* is older than she is!
p.s. Make the cotehardies now....don't wait indefinitely. If I realized anything in this awful week (a friend died suddenly, amongst other things), is that you never know what the future holds, so don't put stuff off too long, or it might be too late. I'd always said I was going to put off making my (cotehardies) until I dropped more weight, but scr*w that.....Gonna do a couple of moderately-fitted greenland gowns as interim measures.....
p.p.s. This Artemisian cuz of yours hateses the nasty hot weathers, too....bleh!