Tuesday, May 20, 2008

News from the South!

All my lovely Slugettes, here I am in Ashland! I am posting in the middle of the night because I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Bah to insomnia! However, it does give me some quiet time to read mail, etc.

James and I went to Crown Saturday, and it was so hot your brains nearly dribbled out your ears. Lots of water and staying in the shade. We left as soon as the tournament was over- I desperately needed some A/C, some food, and a slurpee, not necessarily in that order. We stopped at Sonic in Grants Pass and soon I felt better.

I slept most of Sunday, which was expected. Monday I slept late but then I got up and did some stuff. Read, cut out some garb, and looked at cookbooks trying to find recipes for Egils. I'm just a bit bored with the usual stuff I make. Saw a couple of things in _Libro della Cocina_ and in the Taillevent that looked tasty. So I might try them out.

That is all for today- maybe later I'll post more about my eventful week!


Anne-Marie said...

Yay for slurpees!

Word on the street is that some of the cadre will indeed be in evidence at egils. Not me, alas. I will be undoubtedly be busy regretting the results of my heinous procrastination on this show..

cathy said...

I am not sad at all that I missed the weather at crown - up here was quite bad enough. We did have a lovely picnic over at Randall and Leah's place, complete with weird alcohol and fire dancers (their neighbors). Almost like being at an event, but with home and showers within reach.

I should see you this weekend - I've managed a ride with a friend of a friend whom I've reportedly met before... And I should even have the blue gab dress to a wearable state with some decoration.