Monday, May 26, 2008

Home from Egils

There's a story behind this picture- you see, across the path from where we were camped were a series of sticks with signs on them reserving space for the Prince and Princess, HRH, etc. The stick in the picture has a little sign that washed out in the photo, and it reads "Tanist and Tanista", that is, the heirs to the throne of the Summits. That sad little (and it is little- compare with the size of the round shield!) Norse a-frame tent belongs to the Tanist of the Summits. We took to calling it the 'Lonely Viking'. How he managed to stay dry on Saturday (the heavens opened up for a bit Saturday afternoon, reassuring us that this was indeed Egils), I don't know. He insisted that he was ok, so I guess he was.

The Girlz were there, except for Kimi (slacker!) and Annie (who was busy shoe shopping) and Laura even had a boy with her. (Oooooh!) Kelly came for a while but didn't stay because she was fighting the local coughing crud. Was sure nice to see them though.

Amalric and Caia were over for dinner Saturday night, which was very nice. Bryan and Alys were supposed to be over also but something got confused and they didn't make it. So we ate their dessert for them. The sweet cheesy goodness was very yummy, and went on wafers and apple slices and spoons and fingers equally well. I ate the last of it this morning with my French toast. Very yummy.

Managed to only forget a few minor things. Two semi-disasters though. One of the upper boards on the poster frame disappeared on the road between Portland and Ashland. I'd have thought I'd have heard or seen something but I didn't. It's just gone, and the bits around it were a bit loose, so it must have slid out. Now I have to figure out a way to replace it. Stephen and I stretched a length of rope to hold the curtain on that side, but that pulls on the lower hinge so I don't want to do that again. Guess I just have to go buy another 6' 1x4 and look for hinges.

The other minor disaster is that I splashed hot oil on myself while making breakfast- turned over a piece of French toast and splashed onto the back of my right hand and fingers. I wouldn't worry really except it hit my middle finger right around my ring, so now it's all swollen and trying to blister, and I can't get the ring off. I'm hoping that the swelling will go down overnight.

Besides the dinner success, I'm very happy with how the new canopy over the bed worked. I need to put the fringe on it and add a couple of ties but it was pretty cool. I was able to sleep a little later in the morning, and it was a fair amount warmer inside the bed frame than out. (Makes it harder to get up though!)

I am still waiting for pictures of Gunthar's elevation. I will post some when I get them.

And for now, I need to go to bed.

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