Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's Hump Day!

I've survived this far, but I'm not sure if I should be pleased that it's Wednesday, or completely freaked out. I have the sleeves done but I made a cutting mistake last night and have to start over on the body of the gown, which is distressing time-wise. I'd hoped to be well into that construction by now, and time is running short. I really want to get it out by Sunday or Monday, to leave plenty of room for shipping. * sigh *

The Laurel meeting is tonight, which may give me a little time to be forced to sit and do handwork. Maybe I'll put the sleeve linings in then. I have to run out today and get cake and strawberries. Planning to make berries and rhubarb. Yum yum!

Been in a lot of pain the past few days, running to a 7-8 range, especially if I'm moving- both knees are flared up, and not surprisingly, my hands. Taking as much ibuprofen as I dare, and it's not nearly enough. Tried taking some Tramadol, but that just puts me to sleep. Bleh.

James is off at Outdoor School with the kid he's shadowing. Missing him more than usual, as we have no contact while he's gone.

In happy news, the copy of Bagby's live performance of Beowulf showed up the other day! I've seen it three times now (not counting the time I saw him live in Eugene) and it is completely awesome! Really glad I made the investment!

Off to rustle up some warm milk- and hopefully to get back to sleep.

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