Thursday, May 15, 2008


So, it's done, and it now packed away with lots of white tissue paper into a box, and shortly I'll be heading down to the Kinko's to FedEx it off to Texas. I think it turned out wonderfully, and I think that it is one of the technically best of my projects. And I really never got to the point where I wanted to set it on fire, which was interesting. Here's a small picture from my little camera- better pictures to follow when Wanda downloads her camera.

And this afternoon, I start packing for Crown! Joy. :-)


Mooncat said...

OOOOH! (swooning, followed by a loud THUD in Artemisia)
It's beeeyoootiful!
Damn, but Gunther's gonna look *fine* in that! Someone had BETTER be taking pictures!

Kerri said...

Those have got to be the most beutiful sleeves I've ever seen.