Monday, May 12, 2008


... or words to that effect.

I lost most of yesterday, was down with a nasty tummy bug- the kind that leaves you laying on the bathroom floor praying to die. I'd like to think that I lost ten pound being sick, but that's too much to hope. At any rate, I got very little done on the gown yesterday- and even that wasn't terribly productive. I worked on the cuffs and then tried to turn it around and discovered that, well, it couldn't be turned around that way. So I had to go back and unpick the stitches (done by hand with teeney stitches) and turn it around and re-do it from the outside. And then I came back down and went back to bed. Once is enough for that sort of thing. I'm hoping to make progress on a collar today. Ha. :-P I hate collars.

Saturday Gemma and I (and Wanda) went to the Pendleton store in Washougal. Wanda bought a bolt of green, Gemma got 6 yards of light blue for a bliaut, and I got a couple of remnants of the same red as my elevation gown. There should be enough for a tourney tunic.

I have to run out today and return a tape (a week late), pick up some groceries, etc. And I need to find a source of inexpensive candles, since the ones I have are backordered, and there's not enough for Egils. And I also need to start in on redding up tourney gear. I have until Friday to get all of this done.

So I guess I'm not going back to bed this morning. Bleh.

* edit to add *

Buttons and buttonholes are done, all that is left is hem and final press. Here is pretty picture of sleeve:


Anne-Marie said...

I dunno if they'll have them where you are, but I got some fantastic inexpensive candles at the Trader Joe's. Cream or white, the non-drip, self-extinguish kind.They look great and burn like a dream.

jessica said...

oooh.. that looks great