Monday, August 11, 2008

Too much intertooobez!

Oy! Now I'm getting a headache!

So I've been cruising the web, poking my way down dark alleys, turning over rocks (Eyuw! Rush Limbaugh!) and looking for info and pictures on verger's robes. Why, you might ask? Well, I'll tell you- cause James is going to be the verger at his church and wants a well-made set of robes that don't cost a gazillion dollars, and as I just happen to have those kind of mad skillz, he wants me to make them, and this is ok by his pastor. So I've been running around town looking at fabric, and then plowing through catalogues and pictures online. I'm still trying to figure out the sleeves- there seems to be about 4 different ways to make them. And I haven't decided which yoke to use. Scribble scribble...

In other news: well, there isn't much. I continue to feel like something you usually wipe off of the bottom of your shoe. Completely off of the Lamictal now, and I'm CRANKY and feeling creepy crawly- you know how when you were a little kid and you were trying to stay up on New Years' Eve, but you were so tired you were twitching? _That_ kind of creepy crawly. And the shakes are actually worse than usual. Thankfully I'm back in to the dr on Thursday. And even more thankfully, there's ice cream in the freezer!


Mooncat said...

Ice cream? Mmmmmmmm /Homer Simpson imitation
Been thinking of you lately--there's a Mountain Ash tree right outside my window that's got berries that are *almost* Lainie Orange. Sorry you're still not feeling well. Good luck with the fabric search for Himself. I got some lovely black, wool twill online several years ago, but it was through g street fabrics, and they don't do internet sales anymore. boo-hoo!
Been meaning to ask you....what's your opinion about all this mess with Edwards stepping out on his wife? What IS it about otherwise intelligent, capable men, that they can't keep it in their pants? good grief!

Lainie said...

You know, if it'd been my guy, I don't know what I'd have done. But I think that the fact that John is still alive and walking around says a lot about Elizabeth!

His explanation of being adulated all the time, such as happens when you're running for office and surrounded by staffers, and it going to his head sounds more than plausible to me. I think we should be amazed at those who don't stray under those circumstances. And frankly, John being able to come out and say that shows a self-awareness that you don't often see. Heck, compare John's public mea culpa to that of, say, Jimmy Swaggart, and you'll know what I mean. Which one is less likely to stray again- the man who knows why he did it, or the man who blames it all on satanic forces?

One of the things that seems to be getting by is the time line- the affair was in '06, and a year later Elizabeth was right behind him with deciding to run again. As I understand it, when the affair was over and they'd put their marriage back together, they felt strong enough to head for the fishbowl. So who had a need to dig this up and drag it out again, and why? There's something really fishy about that aide and the people around her. Heck, what kind of woman would cheat with John? Was there some sort of excitement in ruining Mr Happy family?

At any rate, Elizabeth has made it clear that this is a private matter and that's that, and would folks please leave them alone. Perfectly reasonable to me.

Mel. said...

Oh oh oh! A Verger! But are you making him a bonnet as well?

Lainie said...

He hasn't said anything about a bonnet. That may be a no anyway- he's really concerned about being too hot (little church, no a/c, and summers down there last from may to October and aren't terribly temperate). Heh. He has his Dumbledore hat though. Wonder if that would do?