Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here doggie...

Maybe if we get out the can opener it'll come?

Lydia didn't get in last night after all- the bus broke down in Medford, and then there was some issue with the driver, so the bus (if it had run at all) would be coming in at 5am. So David and Lydia decided she'd take tonight's bus instead. Let's hope that this one shows up on time.

The weather has cooled off considerably, which has been a great boon to those of us wimpy Oregonians who don't handle hot weather well (like, well, me and Wanda). And the rain has been good for all of the parched lawns around town. The thunderstorms are exciting though- Monday it knocked the power out at the pool- the pool itself was fine, thanks to the windows, but the locker rooms have no windows and were pitch black. I got a flashlight out of the car and went anyway. Yay me.

James went home Tuesday. Boo. We ended up going to Home Depot and getting some more lumber to fix the bed, which was kind of funny. It seems to be working ok now. :-)

Ciarain's memorial service was last night, and it was very night. I'd never been to a Episcopal funeral before, but at least I knew in general how to behave, which was better than many of the SCA folks there, who clearly don't find themselves in church often. Hey- at least they didn't pull out the kneelers! ;-) The music was nice (we didn't make any egregious mistakes), Earl Edward read a eulogy, and there was a nice potluck buffet afterward. In all, a pretty decent send-off.

Dental appointment tomorrow, nothing really interesting until the Laurel meeting on Monday. Just plan to spend my time geeking out with my daughter and a pile of bridal magazines. :-)

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