Sunday, August 17, 2008

* gasp! * It's hot!

As much as I love being warm, this is ridiculous. it's been way too hot for several days now, and Wanda and I have both been suffering. Anything over about 85 and I'm not so happy; it's been in the upper 90s and over 100. Friday and Saturday were especially bad. We had some thunderstorms Saturday night, which should have helped, but mostly it just added to the humidity. Bleah. Supposedly it will start cooling off Tuesday. Sure hope so.

Lessee, what has been up... I went to see Dr Fickle (the guy who looks like Ulfred) on Thursday. I'm completely off the Lamictal now (though still twitching) and now we're starting to drop the Nortriptyline. So far so good. He was pretty happy with how I'm doing. He did remark that he was surprised that I have only gained as much weight as I have- apparently you can expect to gain about a pound a month while on lithium. Doesn't sound like much until you remember that I've been on it since '95. He said that I must be being really careful with the diet (which I have been and I'm sick of it) because I haven't gained that much. I'm still not happy with my weight, but that does make me feel a little better about it.

On Friday I saw Dr Becher, got an Rx for a different NSAID for the arthritis, as the Ibiprofen has not been cutting it. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I continue going to the pool and try to take care of myself. She says that at this point there isn't much more we can do. Bother, said Pooh. But my blood pressure was fine (better be, taking 3 separate meds for it!), which is at least one good thing.

James arrived late Friday night (yay!) and it was WONDERFUL to see him again! And I have to admit that we, er, sorta broke my bed. Didn't really _break_, per se, but a couple of the supporting boards in the frame shook loose and fell out, and the bed slipped out of the frame- suddenly my end of the bed was lower than the rest. Sorta fixed it but we missed one and we'll have to take it apart again and try to get the last board put back. Embarrassing, but funny. :-) I had the giggles for some time.

Went to a BBQ at Randall and Leah's yesterday- way too hot still but there were lots of friends there which makes it endurable. Lots of yummy, yummy food, including of course, MEAT. Wanda was in heaven. I actually ate some meat too. Randal had rubbed some of it with something with pineapple in it and it was really good. There were salads and fruits (unfortunately the fruit that looked really good had melons in it, so I couldn't have any but there was lots of food). And lots of sodas and such. And sherbet and sorbets and cupcakes for dessert. Yum.

I went to the 8:00 service with James this morning (no really, I did! Voluntarily even!) and it was too hot already- I spent much of my time trying to fan myself and worrying about falling over there in the pew. The early service has no music, so it's much shorter (though still about an hour) but was rather nice. In the chapel there there's a much more intimate feel- communal. The chapel is really pretty too. It might well work for a wedding, though I must admit that I'm beginning to thing that I should just tell James that we should do it in Ashland at his parish, as he so thoroughly has his roots down there. I suspect that Rev Anne would love to officiate.

Lydia will be up sometime Weds, and stay for a week or so, maybe a little longer. We're going to spend a lot of time at the fabric store and at the computer, looking at bridal stuff and drawing pictures and thinking about fitting and design for a dress for her. They're looking at sometime next summer for a wedding, so we have time- time to make something really special. Mummy's prerogative. :-)


Barbara said...

Oh, and it's going to just CRUSH you to have to make a pretty dress


Lainie said...

Hey, I'm going to use my secret stash of bridal silk- that's quite a wrench, believe me! But I have to make sure my littlest Bunny gets sent off right. :-)

Anne-Marie said...

Hahaha you broke the bed!

Lainie said...

We fixed it last night though. Required a couple of 1x4s- the ones that were underneath were a little short, so any, er, movement tended to shake them loose. But it's fixed now. We have a handy new euphemism though- 'breaking some furniture'... :-D

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