Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Frankish goodness!

Isn't that a GORGEOUS brooch? Wow. 7th century, no less.

I dug through the intertoobez again a couple of days ago and found some keen new Frankish things, this brooch being one of them. Always on the lookout for more pretties. I also created a Picasa slideshow of keen Frankish things- sent the link off to Lindis, who is also looking for Frankish stuff. Sent her a bibliography too, and was surprised to see how much I have here.

In other news, I'm still feeling crummy. Sleeping a lot, no energy, really aching. But of the original 250 mg dose of Lamictal, I'm down to 75mg. I may be off entirely by the time I see Dr Fickle again. Then we start dropping something else. I'd like to feel normal again but I don't know what normal is anymore. Hey- really what I want is to be 30 again. Only with the sweetie I have now. :-)

I went to Dragon's Mist Defender on Saturday. Nice low-key event. I helped judge the 'Dragon in any medium' contest- the gyngerbrede dragon was especially cool. After the awards not-really-a-court, we grabbed some food and then had a wake for Ciarain. Music, lots of stories. Rodrigo had a very funny story of using Ciarain's directions to get to the event, and finding himself 25 miles away. At a nudist camp. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants!

James wants me to make the verger gown for him, so I get to go to Washougal to check the availability of black worsted. And to Fabric Depot for black braid and black velveteen, and some lining. And then I have to figure out how many hours and write up an estimate, because apparently the church is going to pay for it. Cool. Hey- it'll keep me out of trouble, at least. :-)

edit: Weds. a.m.

Sigh. I finally broke down, went to the jeweler and had my carnelian ring cut off- the one with the huge cabochon. The guy said that to repair and re-size it would probably cost about $75, so that will have to wait until October at least. But at least it isn't cutting into my finger anymore. Apparently that finger is no longer a size 7, but now a 9. That would explain why the ring is too tight! He said that it will take a couple of weeks for the swelling to go all the way down, so not to get it re-sized until then. He also suggested thinking about re-setting the stone into something a little more durable. I may think about that.


Barbara said...

Ya know, you could just have the ring made adjustable.

Or turn it into a pendant or brooch....

*innocent look*

Lainie said...

I'm going to see what Fjorleif thinks first. It doesn't make sense to make the stone into a pendant or brooch since I so infrequently wear jewelry. My hand feels really weird without the ring though.

Mooncat said...

Hey, Lainie. Sorry to see that you're not feeling so hot! That really makes life a drag!
Gotta ask...what's a "verger" gown?

Lainie said...

Gown for the liturgical procession on high holy days- the verger carries a fancy stick. I'm not Anglican so I really can explain more than that. Anyway, the verger wears a gown very like that of a college chancellor or regent. Has the funky MA sleeves with the slot in them, and lots of velvet stripes.