Friday, February 3, 2012

And now for some poetry...

I have two reasons for making another post so soon after the last one: Firstly, I was shuffling some papers around next to my desk, and came across something I wrote several years ago, and thought "Hey! This was pretty good!" And second, having Keith Richards staring at me every time I pull up my home page... is a little frightening.

This poem is written in a medieval style from about 1400 CE, using a form I lifted from something by Thomas Hoccleve.

Fly, My Words

Fly, my words, to whom I love
for I would my affections prove
lest he should think my feelings false
or feel my protestations else

Fly, my pen, and petals write
of such a flower that brings delight
the soul of one who sees or smells
a burst of joy within them wells

Sing, my heart, of joy's embrace
envision my beloved's face
those eyes that hold me in their gaze
do warm desires within me raise

Sing, my heart, of longing's pain
of time and miles that are our bane
to look at sky and stars above
and feel them closer than my love

Of these I then must make complain:
of Presence's pleasure, and absence's pain
of these this hand is bound to write
to thee, my Joy, and my Delight!

Written by Laura Minnick, 2002

Ok, typing it out I'm no longer sure how good it is, but I do remember how difficult it was to not only use the period form, but to also to write in a sort of language style that you might find in something written in the early 15th century. Certainly a good deal more difficult than "There was an old man from Nantucket..." (I also had trouble getting the formatting right on this page. If it looks wrong in your browser, sorry...)

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