Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well Bobs and Bobbettes, here's the latest news: I'm sick.

Yeah, yeah, I know that's kind of a given, but this is new and different and kinda scary. Starts out with my not feeling good since Saturday- and not the normal 'not feeling well'. I feel like I've had WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY too much caffeine, but I haven't had any since breakfast Saturday. Hammering heart, basically, enough that my neck is pounding too. And not episodic- continuous- since Saturday. This morning I decided that Something is Wrong and called the doctor. Dr Becher wasn't in today, but when I used the H word they fit me in with someone else. So I saw Dr. Henriques. Anyway, the EKG came out abnormal- atrial fibrillation with slow ventricular response (that's right from the sheet, which I kept). They took a bunch of labs to check blood chemistry, etc. Dr said that my heart is not beating too fast, but irregularly. They sent me for a chest x-ray, and when they can get authorization through I'm supposed to go for an echocardiogram and to see a cardiologist. In the meantime, there's not much I can do, other than avoid caffeine etc. And I feel like crap and then slightest movement leaves me really winded (yesterday in the pool was less than fun. I'm going tomorrow anyway).

Bother, said Pooh.

Other interesting stuff this week: I was down at the Democratic Party office on Wednesday, and had a surprise. Leaning over tho get something out of the bottom shelves, I heard a RIIIIIIPPP!! Yes indeedy, it was my jeans. A sudden catastrophic fabric failure, in the back between the pocket and the center seam. Not a thin spot or a stress point- it just blew out. An 8" split. I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting down, alternately wanting to crawl under a rock somewhere and laughing my a$$ off. It really was pretty funny...

Went to an event Saturday, small local event here put on by the Barony's incipient Canton, Kaldor. It was in a teeny grange hall on Sauvie Island. Very nice and relaxing, terrific potluck (two words that don't normally go together) . I finished resetting the sleeves on the brown linen gown and watched Ilonka knit on teeeeeny knitting needles, and visited and generally passed a nice afternoon and evening.

Tonight is the second debate- Go Obama! Widen that lead!

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