Sunday, October 12, 2008

@#$%^&*! Cartridge pleats...

My fingers are sore and no, I can't work with a thimble. And the verger's robes I'm working on have cartridge pleats across the back and over both shoulders. I have the back pleated up:

And the front pattern piece is cut out- not easy, as it's a weird shape:

I'm taking a couple of hours to do other stuff- I'm working from a schematic in an 1895 book on making scholars' and clerical robes, and it is not the clearest source to work from. My brain is tired.

I borrowed a copy of the remake of _Lion in Winter_ from Mike and Jen, and watched it the other night. I didn't care for it. The dialogue didn't work as well- parts were really rushed, and I would have missed several really good lines had I not already known where they were. Patrick Stewart didn't seem to grasp Henry's nature, the quirky, impulsive, unpredictable, manic nature, and so much of the play is driven by that nature, it didn't have the energy it needed to propel it along. The guy that played the Marshal was good. Glenn Close's Eleanor wasn't too bad, but lacking the right Henry to play off of, kind of fell flat. The guys playing the boys... at times I liked their Richard, but mostly didn't. (Same with Alys.) Geoffery was ok. John was horrible. Not even close. And Phillip lacked the strength to make him really work.

Of course, matching or superceding Hepburn and O'Toole is next to impossible...

I see Dr Becher tomorrow morning, and maybe we'll know more about the pre-authorizations for the cardiologist, etc. I'm glad to have any coverage at all, but man, the hoops to jump through are a real annoyance!

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