Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Lady of the Perpetual Eyelet Holes!

This picture (left) is just great- look at all those eyelets! I don't envy the tailor who had to put them it- I've been there, and my hands haven't quite forgiven me yet!

The picture to the right has a gown that is basically a sculptural representation of the same gown, only with the eyelets laced up. (It's from the cathedral at Angers.) It doesn't come with diet instructions however. Bother!

Wanda and I did a bunch of Goodwill hunting last weekend, and came home with quite a lot of loot- including several BOLTS of fabric! And I got a couple of gems. Including a huge red brocade tablecloth that will become a houppelande. Heh. Tomorrow or Thursday I'll be out on the hunt for fabric for something for my friend Gunthar, who is FINALLY getting his Laurel (for cooking). He's on of those grey-eyed redheads and I think he'll look spectacular in a winter white/vanilla. Heh. I'm sneaky. :-) He does not know about this, but I've been in contact with April. He'll never know what hit him. I also need to find something to line the orange wool I'm making the Frankish coat out of. Almost bought some red linen today. Still haven't quite decided. But one of the Goodwill finds is a huge chunk of rayon faille in a dark mauve. It's going to become a bliaut very like the statue above, only in my size. I want to experiment a bit with cut and ornamentation. Should be cool.

Went out today with Sara (Rain from Street Prophets) and her sister Ann. They've still finding fabric stores in town so I took them out to Fabric World (the weird one on Lombard), Ruthie's Rags (high-end natural fibers at 106th and Sandy) and Fabrics for Less (Pakistani place across from the Rose City Safeway). Both of them found stuff to bring home, so it was a successful trip. Next time I think we'll be heading out to Washoughal. Heh.

James will be up this weekend- we're doing a little Valentine's dinner by ourselves on Saturday. And it's a long weekend, so I get to spend a little more time with him- which is nice as I haven't seen him since New Years.

I'm waiting for a bunch of books to arrive from David Brown. I'm especially looking forward to the one on Frankish food.

And now is the time on Slug Crossings when we fall over and go to sleep...

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