Monday, February 18, 2008

Loot! Loot! Loot!

Ah, what a week it's been!

More primary stuff, and Obama has pulled ahead by the length of a nose hair. Remains to be seem which way the Super-delegates will go though. Of course, delegates wearing capes, boots, and their underwear on the outside wouldn't seem to be the sort to be trusted...

So Wanda and I went out to the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet store in Washougal on Friday. It was my fault, actually. I needed to see if they had the fabric they wanted for the outfit for Gunthar (which they did) but made the mistake of taking Wanda along. When we pulled back out of the parking lot, Zippy had some 7 bolts of wool in the back. It was HEAVY. We also hit several Goodwill outlets in the past few days, and managed quite a bit of loot then also. I got a lovely black jersey dress (an 'LBD') and a very cute pair of heels, and Wanda found a very nice pantsuit that actually fit her- including the length on the slacks. Amusing, as I was not aware that there were other Hobbits in Portland! :-) I found some more fabric, including a lovely piece of red brocade that's actually a tablecloth but is going to become a gown for me. Then today we found some good wooden chairs for the sewing room, as the old ones were dead. I need to reglue some joints on one, and cover the seats on the other three. This is easily enough done, and then we'll have decent seating for sewing and/or movies.

James and I went out Saturday night- we had the special chocolate fondue at the Berlin Inn. I got to dress up in my new dress and heels and actually felt pretty, despite the weight. I should dress up more often- it felt good.

And last night We had a birthday party for Wanda (her birthday was today). I made a big pan of lasagna, some garlic bread, and a cake, James sauteed some vegetables, and Karl and Linda brought a salad and wine. It was a simple evening, but it was incredible enjoyable. I've known Karl and Linda for many years, and I just love them more all the time. And Wanda was very happy with the party. And her t-shirt- a purple shirt with a little piggy and 'Bacon is a vegetable' on the front. She thought it was great and wore it for the party. :-)

James headed home this afternoon {:-( which I wasn't thrilled about but was necessary. I took a nap, and now I'm thinking about going upstairs to start in on my Frankish coat. If I can figure out the little camera I have, I might see if I can post the construction of the coat as a photo diary entry. We'll see...

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Mel. said...

Hey! I resemble that Hobbit remark. So I know for a fact that 3 weeks ago there were at least two Hobbits in Portland! Hmph!!