Sunday, January 20, 2008


One more year.
God give us the patience to endure...

In other news:

Had a check-in with Dr Becher on Friday. The platelets are going down! Normal range is 100-400k, and I've gone from 620k to 570 to 470. Getting there. But we still have to keep an eye on them.

My cholesterol is still a concern. Apparently my HDL is very good, much better than normal, but the LDL is high enough to put me in the not-so-good zone. More drugs, basically because I have other risk factors. And my blood pressure is up, which is a bit of a concern. Bleh. I can't win for losing.

Last night I was at a party that the Portland gang of Street Prophets threw. ( Great bunch of folks. Wolfie is out from back east- thinking about moving out here and of course the Portland Relocation Committee was happy about this. I took a batch of brownies, which had most of us in a stupor. Rain made some really yummy meatballs, which I ate too much of. As I'm not eating much in the way of meat these days, my tummy was really unhappy about it. But they were so tasty! And Judy's devilled eggs with Chinese hot mustard were pretty awesome too. And we just had a lovely evening chatting away. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, which is something I don't get to do that often.

Malcolm arrived to brunch this morning in a gorgeous coat- the sort that Sherlock Holmes wore- I think it's called an 'Inverness'. Way cool and very appropriate in the weather. He has the most amazing things tucked away in his closets! I asked if he had the deerstalker hat, and he does, but it doesn't match the coat. Pity. :-) And he doesn't smoke, so no pipe.

The weather is supposed to be cold the next couple of days. The wind is already blowing and I can feel it just sucking the warmth out of the house. About the only place I can really get warm is in bed with the covers up to my chin. And that's with the bed heater turned up. Which would be more fun if James were here, but he's not, and a cat just isn't the same...

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Anne-Marie said...

It's true... a kittycat is very nice, but it not the same as a warm hairy man.
It is cold here too..