Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Little Volvo That Could!

Well, I went to Ashland for the long weekend, and Zippy the Wonder Volvo was very good! For some reason the overdrive decided to work properly the whole way, and I managed to get a head start on all of the passes- didn't have to shift down any farther than 4th gear, which is pretty amazing. And she got really good mileage too. Now if only _I_ got that good of mileage!

I was not feeling well the whole weekend, and James let me sleep a lot, which was very kind of him but I felt bad- I didn't drive 300 miles to sleep the whole time! Argh! But he made a very nice Valentine's dinner, and I got lots of cuddle time, which I sorely needed.

But I slept all day today, which I wasn't happy about. I had forgotten why I don't make the trip very often- because it completely wipes me out. But I'm headed down next month, for March Coronet. And planning to spend Spring Break with James- whether we spend most of it here or there I don't know yet.

I stopped in Eugene to visit a little with Stephen. He was at work but took a short break to chat with Mom. He's sick, with whatever Plague is going around down there, sore throat and a bad cough. He might be up to visit a little more often now, being as how he's got a girlfriend, and she lives in Portland. Her name is Meredith and she's as tall as he is. I'm hoping to get to meet her sometime...

I stopped to see Lydia on my way down. Didn't stay too long because I was running a little bit late (and I wanted to get through the passes in daylight if I could). They are doing about the same as usual. And traffic there by Gateway Mall was crazed as usual. I hate that interchange.

Shadow is not speaking to me. He's been shunning me since I got back. I guess he's mad that I went away and closed my bedroom door so he couldn't come in and steal things off my desk. Silly cat!

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