Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yes indeedy, we have a new President! (And he knew his lines, even if the Chief Justice did not...)

The excitement around here was not just watching the Inauguration on the tv- Today was extra exciting for us because Annie and a bunch of her friends in NYC borrowed a car and drove to DC for the Inauguration! She said they made it- had to walk about three miles and they were in the shadow of the Washington monument, but they were there! She said the crowd was AMAZING and she'll post as soon as she can get somewhere to use an iPhone or something- they're booking on home now because they all have to work tomorrow.

So why am I crying? Wow.

What a beautiful land this is! And a beautiful, brand new day! And such fortune to start it with a President such as this!

(And I can hardly wait to see Michelle's dress! :-)

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