Monday, March 31, 2008

"I told you- it was some little guy named Rumplestiltskin!

At least that's what he said... "

So there we are- a bunch of women working textiles. Winding yarn, putting up the warp on a warp-weighted loom. Nifty scissors there too!

Well, I've had a fairly busy time of it over the last week. James came up Tuesday and spent the rest of his Spring Break. Amalric and the Boyz came over for dinner Wednesday (Caia was home sick) and it was a blast. The boys are adorable and Amalric is always a recipe for a good time. Chaotic, maybe, but always fun. :-)

Saturday was the Street Prophets' party, but between work schedules and random virus stuff, only Judy and 'Danish Brethren' were here. But it was ok. Fairly quiet evening, and by that point in the week I was pretty exhausted. James managed to get through nearly all of the 'honey do' lists, which was a real help.

I'm working on Gunthar's stuff- I have the scallops wonder-undered to the sleeve fabric, and have started tacking the underlayment so I can get them appliqued down. I'm going out with Arlys for a bit tomorrow, so I'm not sure what I'll get done until Wednesday.

Been continuing to chat with Gemma about student/apprentice stuff. I think that we've concluded that I'll share bread and salt with her at Faire in the Grove.

Can I just crawl into a cave somewhere and wait until the primaries are done? I'm getting really tired of all of the bovine exhaust being shovelled around, and it doesn't smell so nice. Maybe after the convention folks can settle down to the real business of taking back the country. At least we can always hope...

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